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Black Death







Doctors have always placed themselves in danger of getting the very diseases they are trying to treat. Their knowledge of the diseases, how they treated the malady and ways they've protected themselves are passed on to new generations of physicians through the journals they keep. By reading these journals, we learn what works and what doesn't.

Doctors treating the Black Plague, believed that wearing a paper cone filled with fruit and spices would protect them from getting the Plague. We believe today that wearing filtered clothing and breathing masks will protect us.


You are to create a diary/medical log for a doctor treating the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages.


Though the doctors wearing the paper cone weren't well protected and looked like a penguin, their ideas, passed on through journals, led us to the modern protective suit worn by doctors and those treating infectious diseases today. Future doctors will know if this suit worked or not and be able to treat infectious diseases by reading the journals kept today, just as we learn from journals kept in the past