Textbook Quizzes


Textbook Quiz

Throughout the year you will take open book quizzes at home via the Internet. Each quiz will be on readings from the textbook assigned as homework. You will usually have a week to complete this assignment.

• To pass a quiz and receive full credit, you will need to score at least 70% correct.

• Don't worry if fail, quizzes can be retaken as many times as needed up until the due date.

• After the due date, the quiz is closed and may not be taken. Don't forget to do your work, because after the due date no late work will be accepted.

Quiz links are active until Monday morning. You cannot make-up a late online quiz.


    Rome Chapter 2


     Feudal Europe Chapter 9

     Church/Crusades Chapter 10

     Plague/Magna Carta Chapter 10


     Renaissance Chapter 13

     Reformation Chapter 14

     Scientific Revolution Chapter 15


     Exploration Chapter 15

     Mesoamerica/Maya Chapter 11

     Aztec/Inca Chapter 12

Diffusion (China/Japan)

     Reunifying Chapter 7

     Mongols Chapter 7

     Early Japan


Ascendancy (Islam/Africa)

     Beginings of Islam Chapter 3

     Rise of an Empire Chapter 3-4

     Golden Age Chapter 4

     West African Gold and Salt Kingdoms