Video Lectures



1 - Contributions                                        (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)




Video Lectures

Throughout each unit, there will be a series of lectures that you are required to watch, take notes on, and subit (turn it in to the teacher) using TUNITIN.COM.

An outline with key words and guiding questions is provided for your convenance. You will need to record your notes on the outline using Google Docs.

Most videos are 5 to 10 minutes in length, and you will have a week to watch them and submit your work.

Video links are active until Monday morning. You cannot make-up a late online video lectures.

2 - Christianity                                           (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

3 - Emperors                                              (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

Medieval Europe

1 - Feudal System                                       (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

2 - Foundations of the Medieval Church     (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

3 - Church vs. State                                    (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

4 - Magna Carta                                          (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)


1 - Birth of the Renaissance                       (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

2 - Renaissance Greats                              (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

3 - Early Calls for Reform                           (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

4 - Scientific Revolution                              (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

New World (Meso America)

1 - Columbian Exchange                            (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

2 - Adapting to Climate                               (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

3 - The Sad Night                                       Not Available         (Google)          (Notes)


1 - China's Spirituality                                (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

2 - Tang & Song                                         (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

3 - China's Ingenuity                                  (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

4 - Early Japan                                          (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

5 - Samurai                                                (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

Islamic Empire & Africa

1 - Origins of Islam                                    (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

2 - Development of the Muslim Empire     (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

3 - Muslim Achievements (science/art)     (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

4 - Empire of Ghana                                  (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

5 - Mali and Mansa Musa                          (YouTube)          (Google)          (Notes)

Semester 2

Semester 1